ICAO code:
119.060 MHz
Gödöllő Traffic

Useful Information, Links

Phone numbers
Airfield Operator +36309343199
Flight Plan +3612934312
FIC +3612934133
Északkelet info 134.850 MHz
LHBP ATIS 132.380 MHz
Dunakeszi Info (LHDK Frequency) 129.790 MHz
Useful Links
Fill Flight Plan Online netbriefing.hu
Meteo info aviation.met.hu
Airspace Info flight.r2g.hu/map
AIP + Hungarian ICAO charts https://ais-en.hungarocontrol.hu/aip/
VFR Manual https://vfrmanual.hungarocontrol.hu/
Daily Airspace plan (Hungary) https://ais.hungarocontrol.hu/legterfelhasznalasi-terv
METAR + TAF Decoder http://www.flightutilities.com/MRonline.aspx
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