ICAO code:
119.060 MHz
Gödöllő Traffic

Useful Information, Links

Phone numbers
Airfield Operator +36309343199
Flight Plan +3612934312
FIC +3612934133
Gödöllő Traffic 119.060 MHz
Északkelet info 134.850 MHz
LHBP ATIS 132.380 MHz
Dunakeszi Info (LHDK Frequency) 129.790 MHz
Useful Links
Fill Flight Plan Online netbriefing.hu
Meteo info aviation.met.hu
Airspace Info pilotnet.hu/map
AIP + Hungarian ICAO charts https://ais-en.hungarocontrol.hu/aip/
VFR Manual https://vfrmanual.hungarocontrol.hu/
Daily Airspace plan (Hungary) https://ais.hungarocontrol.hu/legterfelhasznalasi-terv
METAR + TAF Decoder http://www.flightutilities.com/MRonline.aspx
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