ICAO code:
119.060 MHz
Gödöllő Traffic

VFR Flight Preparation

We recommend the PilotNet system (https://pilotnet.hu/) for domestic VFR flight planning. The use of the system is free!

The development of the PilotNet system (https://pilotnet.hu/) aimed to utilize the capabilities of mobile internet networks during flights, focusing on the needs of domestic VFR traffic. We wanted to create a system that, with live internet connection, is capable of:

  • Transmitting the position of pilots using the system
  • Displaying surrounding traffic for pilots using the system - including signals from the own system, OGN (thus also seeing FLARM signals) and ADS-B systems
  • Displaying airspace data in real-time - provided by Hungarocontrol
  • Displaying real-time weather information
In addition to the above mentioned features, it can provide the normal functions of traditional offline navigation systems, such as route planning, NAVLOG preparation, weight and balance calculations, etc. The use of the system is free, an installation of an application and registration are required only.

We highly recommend using the application for pilots of aircraft who do not have a radio or transponder. While using the application, the user's phone can act as a "transponder," making the pilot visible to other system-using pilots in the vicinity of the airport.
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